May 24 – 26, 2024

Techgrounds Hackathon:

Connecting Through
Open Source AI!


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Prize Pool of €1,500

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Techgrounds Hackathon

Join the Techgrounds Hackathon in Amsterdam from May 24 to 26. This hackathon offers a unique opportunity to leverage generative AI tools to connect communities across Europe.

The Challenge

Develop an application, tool, or presentation utilizing the power of open-source AI, such as META. Along with your team, you’ll work on innovative and inclusive solutions to connect communities using AI.



Why Participate in the Hackathon?

Develop your AI skills with the help of experts and mentors in the field.

Stand a chance to win a share
of the €1,500 prize pool.

Attend practical workshops on the latest AI tools and polish your demo skills.

For whom?

For anyone with a background in technology and/or interest in exploring and using generative AI!

(Technical) students

(Graphic design) students

Those interested in generative AI

AI/ML engineers

The maximum number of participants per team is 10.

We have a €1,500 prize pool available!




*Prizes will be awarded as Coolblue vouchers, distributed among the team members.

The Program

April 8: Registration opens! 😀

May 23: Registration closes 😢

May 24: Day 1: Kickoff, overview, and assembling the dream teams.

May 25: Day 2: Hacking, hacking, and some more hacking.

May 26: Day 3: Wrapping up & unveiling the champions.

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