Consider a switch to IT!
Kickstart your exploration with Pathways.

After Pathways, you will know if you enjoy IT, identify jobs matching your strengths, and chart your reskilling journey.

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Take your first step to IT

Stepping into a new field can be a
head-scratcher, especially when you’re not sure about your options. IT has a wide range with 181 different careers waiting for you. With Pathways, you’ll find out if IT is your cup of tea. Discover which jobs click with your skills and dreams. Plus, you’ll get to pick the right place to learn and find out how to finance your education worry-free.

Hear from some of our past participants below 👇

Why pathways?

Develop a learning mindset

Engage with Pathways to foster a proactive learning mindset and grasp the tools for successful learning. Discover how IT professionals learn and get introduced to various learning platforms.

Find your programming language

Delve into essential programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. Craft your first webpage, understand the distinctions, and see if programming sparks your interest.

Dive into professional IT tools

Step into the daily toolkit of IT professionals. Get acquainted with popular tools such as Jira, Github, Loom, and Slack.

Explore the IT job landscape

Navigate through 181 different IT jobs. Discover varied IT career paths and learn about the required skills and certifications for each role.

Find the right IT educator

We've gathered all Dutch IT training providers along with their offerings in a handy tool, simplifying your search for the educator that fits your needs perfectly best suits your needs.

Chart your career path

Align your talents and aspirations with an IT role and sketch your ideal career transition. Utilize our helpful tools and templates to draft your personalized reskilling plan.

1204 participants preceded you in IT orientation

"The class was very enjoyable, and I learned a lot. My curiosity has been completely awakened."

“During the Pathways orientation program, you learn about the various aspects of IT and whether this industry aligns with your knowledge and skills. They paid close attention to my qualities and abilities.”
– Lois (31) Pathways Coaching

“Pathways provides clear explanations of all the possibilities and many roles within IT. For me, it was a huge eye-opener, and I’m convinced that IT offers opportunities, even at a middle age.”
– Carmen (52) Pathways Guidance

“I found Pathways to be a perfect introduction for a tech novice.”
– Arjen (54) Pathways Guidance

“The webinars and assignments were very informative, but the addition of Q&A sessions, where you could ask all your questions to people in the field, added the most value.”
– Irene (34) Pathways Coaching

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Proudly collaborating with

Pathways stands as an autonomous IT orientation initiative.
Over four years, we’ve been honing the program hand in hand with Dutch IT educators and tech firms! Showcasing webinars, Q&A sessions, and insights from:

Is Pathways for you?

Pathways assists when you’re facing questions like:

Which IT job is my perfect fit?

Do I need certifications, and if so, which ones?

Which technology or programming language suits me best?

Who's the best IT educator for me?

How do I determine my IT career path?

Features Pathways

Deep Dive

Comprehensive content, hands-on lessons, Q&A sessions, and orientation tools.
€750,-  (VAT included)

€619,83 (excl. VAT)

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What's inside the Pathways program?

Embark on a structured voyage through six learning blocks covering all IT domains, technologies, and programming languages. Dive hands-on into IT and discover what suits you, with you talents an ambitions. Employ a mix of tools, exercises, and real-world examples to sketch out your career roadmap.

Pathways learning principles

Explore computational thinking, the art of self-directed learning, prompt engineering, and the insights of ChatGPT.

Creating a career plan

We're here to guide you in sculpting your personal reskilling journey and career trajectory.

The 10 T-domains

Plunge into all 10 IT domains to pinpoint the one that resonates with you.

IT fundamentals

Learn, among other things, about programming languages and operating systems.

Programming basics

You will get acquainted with and practice Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS through engaging theory sessions and webinars.

Advanced and bonus

For the avid IT aficionados, delve into bonus material on Web3, lean startups, and beyond...

Who helps you with orientation?

Esmée walked the Pathways path too. After wrapping up her studies in Applied Biology, she swung over to the IT side. "What drives me is coaching, sharing what I know, and lending a hand. I'm all about people and I want my career to reflect that."

Esmée Ferdinand
Orientation Coach
After a year-long European adventure, Christianne stumbled upon the job scene and the hurdles of carving a new career through Pathways. She gets a kick out of uncovering people's strengths, helping them see the value they can add in an IT role.

Christianne Wouters
Orientation Coach
After a decade in the hotel and tourism hustle, Lindsey was ripe for a switch-up. She scoped out new horizons with Pathways and morphed into a Salesforce Learning Coach. Armed with her coaching chops and a keen sense of people, Lindsey's got the knack to size up each person's skills and past stints, steering them smoothly along the right IT track.
Lindsey Warmerdam
Orientation Coach

A small investment for a big career switch.

Frequently asked questions

At the heart of it, we’re an open door—everyone’s welcome to hop on board.

Know that IT roles for folks with an MBO2 vocational level or lower are sparse. So, it’s less about the paper you hold and more about your learning grit. For a taste, Pathways’ pace mirrors most IT courses—covering a chunk of ground briskly.

Yet, it’s been a manageable ride for both IT newbies and vets. Bowing out before day three because it’s not your jam or feels too hefty? No sweat, and no fees on you.

Indeed, there is absolutely no risk associated with our program. When you decide to stop before the third day, finding it not up your alley or too complicated, it’s entirely free of charge for you.

Right away! Once your payment hits, you’re all set to kickstart your Pathways adventure.

Good one! It hinges on the Pathways package you pick:

  • Basics: 1 workweek
  • Deep Dive: 1.5 workweeks
  • Guidance: 2 workweeks
  • Coaching: 2 workweeks. (With Coaching, you and your crew kick things off on a Monday.)

Yep, it’s all online, so you can sneak in some off-screen cat cuddles!


Nothing’s set in stone. It’s your career ride, so you decide what’s key and what’s not. Yet, giving it a go, even if it seems blah at first, might surprise you. New nuggets of insight pop up, and each module taps into a different IT facet—there’s always a takeaway. Plus, since you’re on the Pathways train, why not dive in and stretch that T-shaped knowledge of yours?

That depends on the package you choose.

Pathways Basics
Discover all the essential IT terms, professions, and reskilling options through self-study, for €350.

Pathways Deep Dive 
Grab all from Basics, plus more info, workshops led by IT pros, Q&A’s with trainers, employers, and reskill success stories, along with extra tools to pinpoint your perfect IT gig and training hub, all for €750.

Pathways Guidance
For €995, snag all perks from Basics and Deep Dive, topped with personal guidance from an orientation coach to navigate through all your options and possibilities.

Pathways Coaching
The all-in package at €1250. Snag all the goodies from previous tiers, plus daily IT lessons with fellow reskillers. Network as you explore, take a recognized test to gauge your work and thinking level, and dive into an extensive coaching session to tailor your reskilling plan alongside a pro. This complete coaching package costs €1250.

You can read everything about the various ways to fund your Pathways on this page.

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