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Discover your future in IT

Pathways is a unique IT orientation program for career switchers.

During Pathways you’ll match your skills, talents, and past experiences to either upskill, or start a succesful career in IT.

Why you should do IT orientation Pathways

Retraining is complicated, especially when you don’t really know all the possibilities. With IT orientation program Pathways you’ll discover if IT makes you happy and what career matches your skills and ambitions. You’ll also find out which educational institution suits you best and how to fund your education.

What you'll achieve with Pathways

Hands-on experience

Get to know IT through workshops and masterclasses. Learn the basics from HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python. But IT is so much more than just writing code or designing websites. Additionally you’ll also learn about topics such as data analytics, cloud, CRM, cyber security, online marketing, UX design and much more.

Discover which technologies suit you best, and which of your talents and skills you can utilize.  Also determine which parts of IT you don’t want to pursue. 

Get to know the Dutch IT job market

We listed all the IT domains and jobs in detail. This way you can find out which knowledge and skills are needed for which job. We’ll show you what the entry level jobs are, how you can upskill and help you map out your future career path.

After Pathways you’ll know which three IT jobs suit you best and how you want to pursue them.

Learn to learn

The most important skill in IT is learning. Because of that, you need learning skills and a “growth mindset”. Additionally you’ll adopt this mindset, so after Pathways you’ll tackle each new topic with confidence and enthusiasm.

Create your future

When you know which IT jobs match your talents, skills and ambitions, it’s time to find an educational institution that suits you best. Full time of part time, in a classrom with peers, or at your own pace at home. Four years of university, or in a matter of weeks including a job guarantee. 

When you’ve finished the Pathways IT orientation program, you’ll have a career plan including your optimal study path.
You’ll know where to go, your new job is within reach, and the first steps have been taken.

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Weekly schedule of the Pathways IT orientation

Week 1

Module 1: Learn to learn & computational thinking
Module 2: Introduction to Programming: HTML & CSS
Module 3: Navigate IT careers & jobs: IT paths, T-shape
Module 4: Introduction to programming: JavaScript
Module 5: Introduction to CRM (and Salesforce IT)

Week 2

Module 6: Webinar UX design
Module 7: Introduction to data analytics & Python
Module 8: Introduction to QA & testing
Module 9: WordPress webinar
Module 10: Introduction to Cloud (Cloud in practice and Cloud IT jobs)

Week 3

Module 11: Navigate through IT careers, training and jobs: LinkedIn, Certificates, TechMeUp
Module 12: Introduction to cyber ​security
Bonus module: Create your training plan and final presentation


1. Webinar: Online Marketing (in collaboration with Meta)
2. Webinar + Q&A: Lean Startup & IT jobs at startups
3. Webinar + Q&A: Blockchain & Web3
4. Webinar alumni participants: IT training plan presentations

Will Pathways suit you?

Pathways English

Suitable for
Anyone who considers starting a new career in IT.

Lesson time
12 days online with 40 fellow students.

From 9:00-12:00: intensive workshops.
Afternoon/evening: homework assignments.

Bonus: Your final presentation.

*Daily guidance from an IT-Orientation Coach.
*Webinars from experienced Learning Coaches.
*Access to the Techgrounds Spaces tutorial community.
*Q&A’s with Techgrounds Learning Coaches.
*Slack Channel for (alumni) participants Techgrounds.
*Peer-group support through online video channels.
*Create your unique and personal training plan and also get connected to your desired educational institution.

Live lessons through Zoom. You and your fellow students can ask questions during the lesson (You’ll learn from each others questions and you get a head start in building your IT network).

If you’ve been in between jobs for a while, you’ll be pushed into an excellent work rhythm straightaway.

The complete program costs €950, but in most cases we can offer it for free*! Want to know how?
Click the button and start your future in IT: 

*We can offer Pathways free of charge in almost all cases. We have special agreements with the UWV and work centers.  Pathways can also be funded with the STAP budget.
Don’t worry, contact us and we’ll sort it out together.

536 participants preceded you in IT orientation

Participants without IT background
Participants who chose IT after Pathways
Female participants
Participants 40 years or older

How to start your IT orientation:

Stap 1

Sign up for the information session.

Stap 2

Sign up for Pathways.

Stap 3

Start your IT orientation.

How can we help you?

Do you have any questions?
Great, we have answers!

Info session

During a group video call you can ask all your questions and we can help you with financing. Click here, sign up and you will receive an invitation.
Sessions are every Tuesday at 5:00 PM and Thursday at 12:00 PM.

Walk-in hours

Come and visit us at one of our walk-in consultation hours in Rotterdam, Utrecht or Amsterdam. Abdessamad and Ilona answer all your questions and help you with all possibilities! Please let us know that you want to come by via You are very welcome and the remarkably tasty coffee is ready. Click here for the schedule.

Sign up for the information session.

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