Techgrounds & Unveiling Hidden Talent in Tech

15 mei 2022 and Techgrounds share a common vision: to bridge the gap in the IT labor market by unlocking hidden talent. This partnership represents a fusion of shared values and goals. Together, we are committed to nurturing individuals who aspire to a career change, fostering diversity in tech, and creating sustainable career paths in the IT sector.

The Collaboration: A Meeting of Minds and Missions is globally renowned as an online travel agency specializing in accommodation reservations, flight bookings, car rentals, and other travel-related services. Many people may not know that is also a cornerstone in the Dutch tech ecosystem and has been a long-standing partner in addressing the IT talent mismatch.

The IT talent mismatch refers to the gap between the skills employers in the tech industry seek and the skills that job seekers possess. This discrepancy often leads to unfilled positions on the one hand and unemployed or underemployed potential IT professionals on the other.

Together with Techgrounds, connects untapped talents from diverse neighborhoods to the tech world. These are people who, according to stereotypes, you wouldn’t immediately identify as IT professionals, but who are highly suited for a role in the tech industry. Techgrounds specializes in retraining these hidden gems, focusing on women and individuals from various cultural backgrounds. Together, we’re not just looking at talent differently; we’re giving them a platform to shine and succeed.

Connecting Talent to the Tech Ecosystem

Techgrounds and achieve this in three distinct ways:

1. Skills-Based Volunteering employees lend their expertise to help Techgrounds realize its vision. Whether it’s sales or tech,’s professionals serve as “tech buddies” for those undergoing retraining with Techgrounds.

2. Physical Space
The Plinth is the brand-new HQ and will serve as a new home base for A Beautiful Mess, Refugee Company, Techgrounds, and individuals retraining for IT careers. The Plinth also serves as a venue for knowledge sessions, workshops, and more. It’s not just a space; it’s where futures are built.

3. Financial Contributions’s generous donations enable Techgrounds to offer our Techgrounds Guide, organize IT orientation days, and keep our programs up-to-date. This financial support is a game-changer for many aspiring IT professionals.

Gratitude and Future Plans

Techgrounds is immensely thankful for this collaboration, which is set to continue until the end of 2025. Together, we’re making a lasting impact, giving hidden talent the chance for a sustainable career in IT.

Success Stories: Real Impact

Take Mohammed, who transitioned from unemployment to a front-end developer role at through Capgemini, thanks to Techgrounds. Or Giordano, who shifted from a stalled basketball career to a cloud engineer position at PostNL, all because of the opportunities Techgrounds provided.

The Numbers: Measurable Impact

In the next three years, we aim to impact over 5,000 hidden talents, guide over 1,400 potential reskillers through their IT orientation, and retrain at least 140 individuals for guaranteed IT jobs. That’s over 5,600 lives changed, thanks to the Techgrounds & collaboration.

Financials: Making It Happen is helping Techgrounds with funds for the coming 3 years, which will be allocated to building community networks, coordinating volunteer programs, and marketing efforts.’s in-kind contributions, including expertise and space, add significant value to this partnership.

Long-Term Sustainability

Techgrounds has a sustainable business model that will continue to impact lives long after this partnership. With’s support, we’re laying a strong foundation for long-term success.

Together, we’re not just filling jobs; we’re fulfilling dreams.

Key takeaways

  • en Techgrounds werken samen om het tekort op de IT-arbeidsmarkt aan te pakken door verborgen talenten te ontsluiten.
  • Deze partnerschap richt zich op het verbinden van onontdekt talent uit diverse gemeenschappen met de techwereld, met een focus op vrouwen en mensen met verschillende culturele achtergronden.
  • De samenwerking omvat skills-based vrijwilligerswerk door medewerkers, het bieden van fysieke ruimte voor omscholing en financiële bijdragen om programma’s te ondersteunen.
  • Het doel is om in de komende drie jaar meer dan 5.600 levens te veranderen door meer dan 5.000 verborgen talenten te bereiken en ten minste 140 individuen om te scholen voor gegarandeerde IT-banen.
  • Met de steun van bouwt Techgrounds aan een duurzaam bedrijfsmodel voor langdurige impact in de IT-sector.