Van Legal Counselor naar Salesforce Specialist

29 augustus 2022

Blog: van legal counselor naar Salesforce Specialist

Techgrounds wil iedereen helpen met een oriëntatie naar IT. Onze eerste Engelssprekende groep heeft zojuist hun Techgrounds Pathways-avontuur afgerond. Om dat te vieren, hebben we Iraanse Pathways deelnemer Amir gevraagd om zijn ervaringen te delen. Aangezien Amir in het Engels met ons communiceerde, is dit interview volledig in het Engels. van legal counselor naar Salesforce specialist

Techgrounds helps with orientation towards IT. Our first English speaking group recently finished their Techgrounds Pathways adventure. To celebrate, we asked Iranian Pathways participant Amir to share his experiences. Since Amir communicated with us in English, this interview is in English.

The path to Pathways

Amir(32) worked part time as a legal counselor in Tehran, Iran. “I worked for about 7 years as a consultant in the field of contracts and legal research.” After moving to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Amir needed a new field of employment. “Lately, I felt I really needed to improve my knowledge in IT. The job opportunity is vast and specialists are in demand. In IT I can combine my past experience and knowledge. I consulted a friend of mine, who is an expat in Amsterdam. I came to the conclusion that I really needed a mentor. He suggested Pathways from previous searches.” 

The Pathways experience

When asked what he most liked about Pathways, Amir answered: “The friendly atmosphere and caring supervisors who really and kindly care about the issues of the students. Their aim is to improve the students in all aspects related to reskilling, job seeking and job switch. The best thing is that the mentors help you find your best job field regarding your character and experience.”

“The last day of the session where we brought up our presentation was great. I was so proud of myself to present what I learned in the program. We laughed a lot that day.” When asked what his least favorite part was of Pathways, he told us that he would have liked to meet in person every now and then. “Unfortunately, the virtual connection does not allow us to meet people in reality and sometimes it can be boring. Parties and in person meetings can cover this void.”

Up next for Amir

Currently, Amir is reskilling himself at Techgrounds Academy, to become a Salesforce Specialist. When we asked what he would recommend to someone who wants to further their education, he told us to never be afraid of change. “Change is the essence of life, and never be afraid of changing and leaving your comfort zone because experience has proven that good things always happen even with little change. Finally, never ever be ashamed of your past, it is what made your character today, and you still have the time to restitute and compensate.”


“I should thank everybody who works with Pathways. I wish you and all students luck and best wishes!”

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